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Any member of WEVA at least 18 years of age is encouraged to become certified to be a referee and/or scorer. For those who become certified, it is the intent of the WEVA Commissioner and Referee Chair to utilize Regional officials to staff Regional events and tournaments before going outside the Region. Annually, the Region will establish rates and fees for the payment and travel of officials to Region sanctioned tournaments.


In the case of Junior's, players are encouraged to become trained, certified referees and scorers. In addition, there is a requirement that there will be a minimum of one certified R2 and one certified scorer on each club team. This may include the coaches and parent supporters.


For specific duties and responsibilities of a first referee, second referee, scorer and assistant scorer, please refer to the Domestic Competitions Regulations for the year.


We will attempt to answer your frequently asked questions here. Check back often as we will be adding to this page frequently.

I have taken the on line training clinic but when I signed up I did not realize that I had to click the exams to take at the same time as the training mods. Now I cannot get to the exams. Is there a way for you to hook me up with them?
When you sign back onto the system where you watched the clinics required by your region, you can go back into the course catalog and find the referee exams. Put the entire curriculum of referee exams (or scorer exams if that is what you need to take) into my courses, and then open up the my courses tab. Click on the appropriate exam you need to take, again as prescribed by your region. If the exam you need to take is greyed out, this means you need to “take” the acknowledgement module first, and you can find that in the same curriculum. It is a one slide PPT that says you have taken the appropriate clinic!