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3 Point Penalty Work Team Scorekeeping

By Art Chavers, 01/23/23, 9:00AM EST



Any delay in the flow of the match that is a result of the scorekeepers inability to effectively execute the required skills of scorekeeping, will result in a 3-point SDP assigned to the start of the work team's next scheduled set/match.

1.  Prior to the start of the set/match, the First Referee will communicate the SDP protocol to the Head Coach of the assigned work team.  This will afford the Coach the opportunity to ensure that assigned scorekeeping personnel are duly qualified, and if not, time to replace those individuals as needed.

2.  During the set/match, should a delay occur as a result of scorekeeping issues, the First Referee will advise the Work Team Coach of the SDP that has been incurred.

3.  The First Referee will ensure the Work Team's SDP is recorded on the set/match scoresheet that will be used for the Work Team's next set/match.  The First Referee will document in the "comment section" of the scoresheet the name of the offending team and the SDP.  The First Referee may use the Pool Play Sheet posted on the score table, or may consult with the Site Coordinator if this sheet is not available at the table.

4.  The First Referee will communicate the full team name and the SDP to the Head Referee and the Site Coordinator. 

5. The Referee that awarded the SDP will communicate that information to the next Referee assigned to officiate that work team's next set/match.

6.  The Referee assigned to the team's next set/match will, after conducting the coin toss, record the 3-point SDP in the running score column of the opposing team.

7.  The Site Coordinator will maintain a record of all SDP's so that the Tournament Host may include them in the post tournament report that will be submitted to WEVA.