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WEVA Board Elections

By Mike Trznadel 05/03/2023, 9:30pm EDT

To all WEVA members: at least 18 years old as of March 1, 2023

WEVA will be seeking nominations starting March 1, 2022 for candidates interested in the following WEVA Board of Directors positions:

·    President

·    Treasurer

·    Junior Girls Representative

  • Junior Boys Representative

To run for election to three (3) year terms starting in 2023. 


As we move forward in 2023 and beyond, it is critical that WEVA’s Board play a vital role in the growth and development of our Region.  If you or someone you know possesses the background and skills to join the leadership of this 501c (3) membership organization, please respond back to me by April 2, 2023.  Once the Governance Committee has verified the willingness and good standing of the submitted candidates, a general election will be held of the WEVA membership of eligible voters later in the month of April, 2023.


 As stated in the WEVA By-Laws,


Section 3.01 Function / Number: The Board shall manage WEVA affairs.

 01b) All members of the Board must remain in good standing throughout their terms of office with WEVA.

Section 3.02 Nominations: Individuals who choose to run for a Board position shall submit their name to the Vice President for the Governance committee. The Governance committee will ensure conformance by petitioners with the qualifications, per Sections 3.01b and 3.01c. The Governance committee will make every effort to ensure that there are no less than two (2) candidates nominated for each board position that is open to election. An appeal of an adverse decision by the Governance committee may be made to the total Board of Directors whose decision shall be final. A member may run for only one position on the Board per election.

02a) Current Members of WEVA, at least 18 years of age at the time of the election, in good standing are eligible to elect Members of the Board of Directors.

02b) Elections shall be conducted by the Board and shall be by a plurality of the votes cast. Board members shall hold office for a term of 3 years until the Annual Meeting of Members and the election of their respective successors.  Ballots may be cast in person, by mail, by e-mail, or by website.

Officer Positions and Descriptions:


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and membership meetings. The President shall perform the usual and customary duties that are incident to the Office of President of a not-for-profit corporation. The President will appoint and dissolve committees based on the needs of WEVA, Inc. The President will represent the Association as deemed necessary by the Board and in concert with the Commissioner. The President will appoint members to fill Board position vacancies until the next Association election.

Treasurer:The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all the funds of WEVA, and receive monies due and payable to WEVA from any source; and deposit all such monies in the name of WEVA in such accounts as shall be selected by the Board. The Treasurer may also sign checks for WEVA, and shall keep books of accounts. In general, the Treasurer shall perform such additional duties as, from time to time, assigned to him or her by the Commissioner.

Junior Girls Representative: Actively involved with USA Volleyball Girls Junior programs and represents the junior players of WEVA at Regional and National meetings.

Junior Boys Representative: Actively involved with USA Volleyball Boys Junior programs and represents the junior players of WEVA at Regional and National meetings. 

Please forward any nominations by April 2, 2023 for persons interested in running for the listed offices and/or positions on the WEVA Board of Directors. Please call me with any questions.

Sincerely, Mike Trznadel

Contact:; 716-861-5290


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