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USA Volleyball has ruled that all participating coaches must become IMPACT Certified.  IMPACT stands for Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory.  Once certified, a renewal is not necessary from year to year.

The primary IMPACT goal is to help all coaches understand and become well-skilled in the awesome responsibility and incredible opportunity they have to influence young people positively through the sport of volleyball. This course is an offshoot of the Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP), which is under the auspices of the USA Volleyball branch of Educational Programs and Services.

WEVA would like to assist all coaches in becoming responsible coaches and to develop a clearer understanding of their responsibility and opportunity. The IMPACT clinic consists of a seminar/classroom type structure.

WEVA requires that ALL NEW coaches attend the IMPACT course, whether or not they plan to participate in the Junior Olympic Championships. The course must be completed prior to coaches becoming eligible to be on a roster. If unable to attend a WEVA offered course, an online course is available. Please contact WEVA's executive director to inquire if a free course is available through the region. USA occasionally allocates some to the region. Club directors and parents are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

USA Volleyball On-Line Course
To take the USA Volleyball Impact/SafeSport On Demand course, click HERE

WEVA Instructed Course
If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Kyle Salisbury (Rochester area) or Johnathan Head (Buffalo/Jamestown areas).

(Dates in Red are new clinics)

Buffalo Area Clinics
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 (5:30-9:30PM) @ Buffalo Niagara Court Center
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 (5:30-9:30PM) @ Buffalo Niagara Court Center

Rochester Area Clinics
Monday, December 17th, 2018 (6:00-9:30PM) @ Nazareth College (Otto Shultz Center, International Room)

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