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USAV Rule Changes for 2017-2019
The USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations for this season are now available and there are several significant rule and interpretation changes you need to know about. Click HERE to view a summary of these changes. To understand the new rule changes, it is highly recommend you watch the 2017-2019 Critical Rules and Interpretations video available HERE.

Solid Color Jersey Rule
USA Volleyball passed a major rule change regarding the Libero and fast-tracked its implementation to immediate status during its Rules Commission Meeting on Feb. 25 in Denver.

A motion was made and passed to change the wording of USAV Rule 19.2 to read as: “The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.” A second motion was passed that made the implementation of the new rule immediate. The new rule replaces the "Solid Color Jersey" rule. Pati Rolf, chair of the USAV Rules Commission, stated that the new rule was approved in response to the concerns of the membership. "We strongly believe this rule change, which was strongly supported by the membership, will be less restrictive and more flexible,” Rolf said.

One key point in the discussions was to ensure that any team that currently had legal uniforms would still be able to use those uniforms. Paul Albright, USAV indoor rules interpreter, emphasized that training will start as soon as possible to get that message out to the membership. "Obviously we have a challenge to get the word out, but we already have people working to update our training materials, including the new jersey gallery on to explain the rule change,” Albright said.

USA Volleyball will also work to widely distribute the new rule to the clubs and tournament directors as the season is in progress. Any questions regarding the rules change can be directed to your local region referee chair, Frank Cwiklinski ( or to the USAV Rules Interpreter at

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