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Here is a list of all registered WEVA Referees:

Referee Name Certification Rating Other Info
McKinney, JeffreyJeffreyMcKinney photo National  
Newland, John National  
Paull, Michael National International Referee
Vanderhoof, JamesJamesVanderhoof photo National  
Carrier, ThomasThomasCarrier photo Junior National  
Chavers, ArthurArthurChavers photo Junior National  
Cwiklinski, FrankFrankCwiklinski photo Junior National  
Fahmer, JeffreyJeffreyFahmer photo Junior National  
Miceli, Charles CurtisCharles CurtisMiceli photo Junior National  
Paser-Paul, ReneeReneePaser-Paul photo Junior National  
Acampora, PetePeteAcampora photo Regional  
Britton, RobertRobertBritton photo Regional  
Burnett, William Regional  
Campoli, MichaelMichaelCampoli photo Regional  
Chase, Eric Regional  
Crandall, PatriciaPatriciaCrandall photo Regional  
DErrico, David Regional  
Dobles, JohnJohnDobles photo Regional  
Enser, Joe Regional  
Gill, KevinKevinGill photo Regional  
Hilfiker, StevenStevenHilfiker photo Regional  
Hughes Sr, John Regional  
Jansma, MichaelMichaelJansma photo Regional  
Jansma, PamelaPamelaJansma photo Regional  
Keenan, Mary GraceMary GraceKeenan photo Regional  
Keough, MarilynMarilynKeough photo Regional  
Lambert, David Regional Lapsed
Laverty, Timothy Regional  
Lomax, Thomas Regional  
Majeski, RogerRogerMajeski photo Regional  
Matikosh, MichaelMichaelMatikosh photo Regional  
Pawlaczyk, LeonardLeonardPawlaczyk photo Regional  
Pentz, Meryll Regional  
Russell, DarinDarinRussell photo Regional  
Russell, MichaelMichaelRussell photo Regional  
Smith, Jeremy Regional  
Wise, Sally Regional  
Akinbami, SamuelSamuelAkinbami photo Provisional  
Benkleman, RobertRobertBenkleman photo Provisional  
Clark, matthew Provisional  
Cooke, BrianBrianCooke photo Provisional  
Cummings, KirstenKirstenCummings photo Provisional  
Czekai, Joseph Provisional  
Dates, ElizabethElizabethDates photo Provisional  
Dempsey, MaryMaryDempsey photo Provisional  
DErrico, Cindy Provisional  
DiChristopher, JeffreyJeffreyDiChristopher photo Provisional  
Dobles, JohnJohnDobles photo Provisional  
Domske, MichaelMichaelDomske photo Provisional  
Fisher, Carl Provisional  
Gianni, JAYJAYGianni photo Provisional  
Iya, JerushaJerushaIya photo Provisional  
Janocsko, Tami-Tami-Janocsko photo Provisional  
Johnson, Ann Provisional  
Kanowski, KeithKeithKanowski photo Provisional  
Klemp, LouisLouisKlemp photo Provisional  
Korana, Kelly Provisional  
Kranz, JessicaJessicaKranz photo Provisional  
Kwoka, MarkMarkKwoka photo Provisional  
Laurion, Lee Provisional  
Martin, PatriciaPatriciaMartin photo Provisional  
McCarty, JohnJohnMcCarty photo Provisional  
Olschewske, MartinMartinOlschewske photo Provisional  
Prewasnicak, John Provisional  
Raccuia, Bernard Provisional  
Romaszko, MichaelMichaelRomaszko photo Provisional  
Rounds, Edward Provisional  
Sack, TheresaTheresaSack photo Provisional  
Seres, PatriciaPatriciaSeres photo Provisional  
Share, Chad Provisional  
Simmons, TimothyTimothySimmons photo Provisional  
Spencer, SandraSandraSpencer photo Provisional  
Stein, ChristineChristineStein photo Provisional  
Stowell, WilliamWilliamStowell photo Provisional  
Uhteg, PatrickPatrickUhteg photo Provisional  
Weissert, Jacob Provisional  
Zomeri, JosephJosephZomeri photo Provisional  
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