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Junior members wanting first referee certification must attend an Adult clinic.
Junior members have three options to attain the training necessary to become certified 2nd Referees or Scorers:

In-person training performed by an Official

Contact the Officials or Score Chair to arrange a date, time and location.
Fees: Minimum of $75.00, maximum of $100.00 per clinician with a maximum of 20 in attendance per clinician. One person doing it alone takes two and a half to three hours to complete score and second referee training, $.40 per mile plus any copying charges incurred. If over 20 expected to attend, discussion will need to occur if additional clinicians will be required. If club is having rated players or coaches assist depends on numbers planning to attend if a second clinician will be required.

In-person training performed by Junior Club

Junior Clubs conducting the training of their junior members with in-house staff need to ensure that the clinician(s) are versed in each area and know the current rules, protocols, signals, expectations and forms used by Scorers and Second Referees. They are responsible to provide them with adequate training and practical experience to be prepared for a rating at a regular season tournament. Club Clinicians are encouraged to contact the Officials Chair and Score Chair for current information pertinent to the proper training of their members.

On-line training

Rule changes for volleyball are considered at meetings conducted by the FIVB. These changes do not filter down to the USA Volleyball until the season afterwards due to the time needed for rulebook printing and distribution. In recognition of this, there will be mandatory online or in-person clinics for all officials every year. New USA Volleyball official candidates and re-certifying USA Volleyball officials must attend the required clinic(s) in their entirety in order to be given credit for the clinic. Please note that practical re-certification ratings will occur at the end of a three-year term unless issues and concerns arise that indicate it needs to be done sooner.
Adult members have two options to attain the training necessary to become certified 1st Referees or Scorers:

USAV National Clinic

Clinician: TBD
Date: TBD
Site: TBD
Cost: TBD

In-person training performed by an Official

Fees: New Referee training is $25 and Re-certification training is $10. Both trainings include the new FIVB/USAV Rule Book for 2017-2019. Pre-registration is needed and a minimum of six (6) people must register with the clinician or else the clinic is cancelled.

On-line training

The WEVA Board has reduced practical re-certification requirements to one "up" and one "down" rating every three years. The referee chairperson may review referee performance and require practical ratings in less than three years.
Ratings, other than juniors, should be requested of the referee chair at least two weeks prior to a given tournament.


Can be certified at an event following participation in a clinic sponsored by the club the player is playing for, a clinic hosted by WEVA within your geographical area, or the free online course from USA Volleyball. The certification is good for the duration of the player’s junior playing career UNLESS the club and executive director is notified that an individual's certification was revoked due to responsibilities not being performed satisfactorily at an event. If USA Volleyball rules are changed significantly, ALL certified junior officials will need to attend a new clinic to obtain a new certification.

First Referee

New candidates replace a referee who is a qualified member of the Region Rating Team at a regular season match. Rating referee receives the match fee. Re-certification must also occur in the regular season.

Second Referee

New candidates are rated during a regular season match. Re-certification must also occur in the regular season.


The rating must occur at a regular season match.