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Club Contact:  CJ Denk

Contact Phone:  (585) 545-8035

Contact Email:

Club Web Link:

Primary Facility:  Hot Shots Volleyball Center

Facility Location:  1046 University Ave, Rochester, NY14610


Club Mission:  

Season Kickoff Information Meeting: Date Time Location

Tryout Information:  2021-22 Tryouts will be held at Hot Shots Indoor Volleyball Center September 12th and September 19th. Our complete tryout schedule including age groups and times are listed on our website. Players can register for tryouts on the main page of our website. Walk up registration the day of tryouts will also be available. There will be a one time $40 tryout fee for each athlete attending tryouts.

Practice Information:  All 2021-2022 Paradigm teams will practice twice a week starting the first week of December. Our 14-18s teams will practice on Monday and Thursday evenings. Our younger teams will practice Sunday and Friday evenings.

Other Information:  

Visit the club website for additional information about tryouts, practices and team costs.

Team Info:
Age Team# Name WEVA #
18 1 Paradigm Revolution 18 FJ8PARAD1WE
17 1 Paradigm Revolt 17-1 FJ7PARAD1WE
17 3 Paradigm Reign 17 FJ7PARAD3WE
16 1 Paradigm Rebellion 16-1 FJ6PARAD1WE
15 1 Paradigm Ruckus 15-1 FJ5PARAD1WE
14 1 Paradigm Riot 14 FJ4PARAD1WE
13 1 Paradigm Rampage 13-1 FJ3PARAD1WE
12 1 Paradigm Uprising 12 FJ2PARAD1WE
12 2 Paradigm Uproar 12 FJ2PARAD2WE