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Niagara Frontier

Club Contact:  Rocco Lucci

Contact Phone:  (716) 677-9100

Contact Email:

Club Web Link:

Primary Facility:  Niagara Frontier Sports

Facility Location:  425 Meyer Road, West Seneca, NY14224

Club Mission:  Our Girls Travel Navy and Red as well as our Boys Gold teams are structured to prepare players to compete at the national and regional level and to continue successful academic and playing careers at colleges or universities. Girls Local and Boys Silver teams are structured to develop a solid foundation of fundamental and technical skills as athletes as well as help participants develop life skills outside the gym. Our Travel and Local programs have helped to increase the skill and level of competition in WNY High School programs. The House Program is structured to provide fundamental skill training followed by limited in-house competition to build a solid foundation in technical skill development.

Season Kickoff Information Meeting: Date Time Location
  8/29/2016 6:00 pm Niagara Frontier Sports - 425 Meyer Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224

Tryout Information: TRYOUT DATESAGES: 17's and 18's Travel and Local DATE: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 (one day only) TIMES: 2:00-4:00pm AGES: 13's, 14's, 15's and 16's Travel and LocalDATE: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 AND SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TIMES (both days): 13's and 14's - 8:00-9:30am15's - 10:00am-11:30am16's - noon-1:30pmBOYS TRYOUT DATESAGES: 13's, 14's, 15'sDATE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29TIME: 6:30-8:00PM (all ages)AGES: 16's, 17's, 18'sDATE:SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5TIME: 7:00-9:00pm (all ages)**All Athletes are required to attend both days of tryouts. A one-time $40 tryout fee can be paid on-line BEFORE the tryout date. Tryout levels, ages and times are posted on the NFVB website.

Practice Information:  GIRLS Travel team practices will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. ALL Girls Local Blue, Green, Black and Purple teams will practice twice per week on Mondays AND Wednesdays.Boys Gold teams will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Boys Silver teams will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Other Information:  All players should attend the Information Day on August 29th. Following that meeting, players will be able to get sized for team apparel. Pre-registration for tryouts will take place at home on a computer using the data collected at the Information Meeting. Players not making a Travel or Local team after tryouts can enroll in the House Program in early November. Limited spots are available for the House Program. More dates and age specific times are on the NFVB website.

Visit the club website for additional information about tryouts, practices and team costs.

Team Info:
Age Team# Name WEVA #
F 2 NFVB Crank Blasters MAFRONT2WE
A 1 NFVB Buffalo Beasts FBBFRONT2WE
18 1 Niagara Frontier VB 18 Navy FJ8FRONT1WE
18 1 Niagara Frontier 18 Gold MJ8FRONT1WE
18 3 Niagara Frontier VB 18 White FJ8FRONT3WE
18 4 Niagara Frontier VB 18 Green FJ8FRONT4WE
17 1 Niagara Frontier VB 17 Navy FJ7FRONT1WE
17 1 Niagara Frontier 17 Gold MJ7FRONT1WE
17 2 Niagara Frontier 17 Silver MJ7FRONT2WE
17 2 Niagara Frontier VB 17-2 Red FJ7FRONT2WE
17 3 Niagara Frontier VB 17-3 White FJ7FRONT3WE
17 4 Niagara Frontier VB 17-4 Green FJ7FRONT4WE
16 1 Niagara Frontier VB 16 Navy FJ6FRONT1WE
16 1 Niagara Frontier 16 Gold MJ6FRONT1WE
16 2 Niagara Frontier 16 Silver MJ6FRONT2WE
16 2 Niagara Frontier VB 16 Red FJ6FRONT2WE
16 3 Niagara Frontier VB 16 White FJ6FRONT3WE
16 4 Niagara Frontier VB 16 Green FJ6FRONT4WE
16 6 Niagara Frontier VB 16 Black FJ6FRONT6WE
16 7 Niagara Frontier VB 16 Purple FJ6FRONT7WE
15 1 Niagara Frontier 15 Gold MJ5FRONT1WE
15 1 Niagara Frontier VB 15 Navy FJ5FRONT1WE
15 2 Niagara Frontier VB 15 Red FJ5FRONT2WE
15 2 Niagara Frontier 15 Silver MJ5FRONT2WE
15 3 Niagara Frontier VB 15 White FJ5FRONT3WE
15 5 Niagara Frontier VB 15 Green FJ5FRONT5WE
15 6 Niagara Frontier VB 15 Black FJ5FRONT6WE
15 9 Niagara Frontier VB 15 Mix FJ5FRONT9WE
14 1 Niagara Frontier 14 Gold MJ4FRONT1WE
14 1 Niagara Frontier VB 14 Navy FJ4FRONT1WE
14 2 Niagara Frontier VB 14 Red FJ4FRONT2WE
14 2 Niagara Frontier 14 Silver MJ4FRONT2WE
14 3 Niagara Frontier VB 14 White FJ4FRONT3WE
14 5 Niagara Frontier VB 14 Green FJ4FRONT5WE
14 6 Niagara Frontier VB 14 Black FJ4FRONT6WE
13 1 Niagara Frontier VB 13 Navy FJ3FRONT1WE
13 1 Niagara Frontier 13 Gold MJ3FRONT1WE
13 2 Niagara Frontier VB 13 Red FJ3FRONT2WE
13 3 Niagara Frontier VB 13 White FJ3FRONT3WE
13 5 Niagara Frontier VB 13 Green FJ3FRONT5WE
12 1 Niagara Frontier 12 Gold MJ2FRONT1WE
12 1 Niagara Frontier VB 12 Navy FJ2FRONT1WE
12 2 Niagara Frontier VB 12 Red FJ2FRONT2WE
12 3 Niagara Frontier VB 12 White FJ2FRONT3WE
12 4 Niagara Frontier VB 12 Green FJ2FRONT4WE
11 1 Niagara Frontier VB 11 Navy FJ1FRONT1WE
10 1 Niagara Frontier VB 11 Red FJ1FRONT3WE
10 1 NFVB Life Storage F40FRONT1WE