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Niagara County Volleyball Club (NCVC)

Club Contact:  Michael Wills

Contact Phone:  (716) 471-5846

Contact Email:

Club Web Link:

Primary Facility:  NISE Event Center (Summit Mall)

Facility Location:  6929 Williams Road, Niagara Falls, NY14304


Club Mission:  1. An encouraging environment where young athletes can develop their volleyball skills and knowledge to the highest level they are able in a competitive Volleyball Program. 2. An opportunity where the players will be educated to improve their physical, mental, social and emotional abilities. 3. An atmosphere where parents, players and coaches are able to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the game of volleyball. 4. An environment where parents, players and coaches aspire to conduct themselves in a manner that respects themselves, their families, their coaches, their teammates, their club and the sport. 5. An opportunity for each and every player to achieve their personal goals as well as the team goals.

Season Kickoff Information Meeting: Date Time Location
  See website for details

Tryout Information:  See website for details

Practice Information:  See website for details

Other Information:  

Visit the club website for additional information about tryouts, practices and team costs.

Team Info:
Age Team# Name WEVA #
18 1 NCVC 18u Black FJ8NCVBC1WE
17 1 NCVC 17u Black FJ7NCVBC1WE
17 2 NCVC 17u Blue FJ7NCVBC2WE
17 3 NCVC 17u Red FJ7NCVBC3WE
16 1 NCVC 16u Black FJ6NCVBC1WE
16 2 NCVC 16u Blue FJ6NCVBC2WE
16 3 NCVC 16u Red FJ6NCVBC3WE
15 1 NCVC 15u Black FJ5NCVBC1WE
15 2 NCVC 15u Blue FJ5NCVBC2WE
15 3 NCVC 15u Red FJ5NCVBC3WE
14 1 NCVC 14u Black FJ4NCVBC1WE
14 2 NCVC 14u Blue FJ4NCVBC2WE
14 3 NCVC 14u Red FJ4NCVBC3WE
13 1 NCVC 13u Black FJ3NCVBC1WE
13 2 NCVC 13u Blue FJ3NCVBC2WE
12 1 NCVC 12u Black FJ2NCVBC1WE