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Club Contact:  Katie Nicholas

Contact Phone:  585-330-2994

Contact Email:

Club Web Link:

Primary Facility:  Pinnacle Athletic Campus

Facility Location:  P.O Box 132, Penfield, NY14526

Club Mission:  Be the premiere girls volleyball club in New York State by providing the best service, coaching, training and overall volleyball product, both on and off the court. Enhance the student-athlete's life skills through: 1) The teaching of Athletes' Ethics - be fair, respectable, responsible and hard working. 2) Providing solid athletic development through strength, conditioning and on-court teaching. 3) Allowing for personal development and growth into their next endeavor, either their next grade or college.

Season Kickoff Information Meeting: Date Time Location

Tryout Information:  We host a total of five tryouts on Sunday's during the fall. All tryouts are held at Pinnacle Athletic Campus and we encourage athletes to come to all the designated tryouts for their age group (assigned appropriate dates on the website). The tryouts dates are: 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/15 and 10/22. The complete tryout schedule can be found at and all interested athletes should register for tryouts through the registration link on the website.

Practice Information:  Travel teams practice two times during the week for two hours and regional teams practice one time during the week and one time on the weekend.

Other Information:  Please visit our website for any additional information. Our website will provide the tryout schedule, practice schedule, coaching assignments and costs for the year.

Visit the club website for additional information about tryouts, practices and team costs.

Team Info:
Age Team# Name WEVA #
18 1 VolleyFX 18-1 Magic FJ8VOLFX1WE
18 2 VolleyFX 18-2 Mystery FJ8VOLFX2WE
17 1 VolleyFX 17-1 Rapture FJ7VOLFX1WE
17 2 VolleyFX 17-2 Illusion FJ7VOLFX2WE
17 3 VolleyFX 17-3 Majestic FJ7VOLFX3WE
16 1 VolleyFX 16-1 Mantra FJ6VOLFX1WE
16 2 VolleyFX 16-2 Charm FJ6VOLFX2WE
16 3 VolleyFX 16-3 Mirage FJ6VOLFX3WE
15 1 VolleyFX 15-1 Chant FJ5VOLFX1WE
15 2 VolleyFX 15-2 Summon FJ5VOLFX2WE
14 1 VolleyFX 14-1 Conjure FJ4VOLFX1WE
14 2 VolleyFX 14-2 Spell FJ4VOLFX2WE
14 3 VolleyFX 14-3 Regional Presto FJ4VOLFX3WE
13 1 VolleyFX 13-1 Mystic FJ3VOLFX1WE
13 2 VolleyFX 13-2 Luck FJ3VOLFX2WE
13 3 VolleyFX 13-3 Trick FJ3VOLFX3WE
12 1 VolleyFX 12-1 Wish FJ2VOLFX1WE
12 2 VolleyFX 12-2 Spirit FJ2VOLFX2WE
12 3 VolleyFX 12-3 Dream FJ2VOLFX3WE
12 4 VolleyFX 12-4 Hope FJ2VOLFX4WE