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All participants within the Western Empire Volleyball Association (WEVA), athletes, coaches, parents, referees, staff and spectators are expected to create a memorable atmosphere where everyone gets the most out of the shared experiences. The mission of all events sponsored by WEVA is to provide athletes with tests of their athletic talents while at the same time offering the entire community with opportunities to be enlightened by their experiences both on and off the court.

A mutually supportive atmosphere can only be created and maintained when everyone commits to embodying this spirit. The primary components of this spirit are family, friends, and fun. Families are encouraged to share in the joy of witnessing spirited competition and in sharing off-court special moments. Athletes are provided opportunities to strengthen bonds with their friends and family. The WEVA experience should be a joyful experience that will inspire enthusiasm for family-centered activities. All participants deserve to be provided with opportunities to join together to celebrate individual and collective achievement.