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August 2, 2021

My name is John Hughes and I can't believe I'm starting my 29th year as your commissioner. This coming season will be my last as your commissioner and Executive Director. I will miss all of you and the privilege of representing you with the United states Volleyball organization. The experience of watching our junior members growing up, developing skills and their love of the sport building. Many have moved on to playing with their collage teams around the country and to coaching and running clubs of their own. We have seen our youth become leaders in our community, Doctors, lawyers, Nurses and members of our Olympic teams and many other successful endeavors. I’m so proud of our WEVA family and their accomplishments.

Please feel free to call me at the region office. Regular office hours are from 9:00AM-5:00PM MONDAY THRU FRI. The office phone does have a voice mailbox and your calls will be answered so please leave your name and number. The office e-mail is

This last season has been very challenging for all of our Region family, Covid has required us to cancel most of our events. We are very hopeful that this coming season we will be able to return to our season events and more.

The WEVA web will receive a major face-lift with features and updates being added continually in every attempt to keep all members advised to the happening and services of the Region. A section has been added called FAQ (frequently asked questions) and is added to very often, this will save time waiting for contact with Region office. E-mail me with all new questions and I will reply. You may see your question on the site.

The on-line registration system, (NOW Sports Engine) is now starting its 2nd year and continues to improve. We added electronic signatures, background checks as well as all other forms. We now require all registration payments on line by credit card for all memberships. All junior memberships must be purchased by an adult/Parent.

This season the need for the signed waivers to be kept in the region office has been eliminated. The registration database is on-line and you are now able to update your information throughout the year. Some of you are still using your e-mail address as your user name; I request that you change that to something shorter and easier to remember. Don't forget to write down your username and password, as you need them to renew your membership!

We now have a Board of Directors consisting 10 Voting members and are now directing the region from committees. Please contact your representatives about being involved with the committees; our goal this season is to have at least one representative per club on one of these committees.

This year’s WEVA Boy’s Championship tournament will be held at the BNCC in West Seneca and other Buffalo area facilities. The Rochester facilities will host the Girl’s Bid Tournaments and the WEVA Festival. Over the last few years WEVA added three new events to the schedule, Rally I, II, & III to give more Eastern area competition. Congratulations to all athletes and clubs who participated in post-season events last season and USA Nationals, representing WEVA this past year. All age groups were represented last year and each made our region proud.

Please thank our club directors and coaches for providing this opportunity to participate in our great sport. Volleyball is one of those sports we can participate in for many years. USA volleyball has members well into their senior years. We ask those of you who have finished playing club as juniors to help with the next group coming up, by helping coach, or supporting club in other ways.

Anyone wishing to start a new club, Please contact our region office or region registrar.

Please support your region by purchasing your molten balls and products from the region store. If you need assistance, please contact me at the Region office. Check the WEVA Store pricing under WEVA STORE on front page of our website. If you need assistance, please contact me at the Region office.

Thank you and have a great season!

John Hughes