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Schedules and Results

April 24, 2022

To: 2022 WEVA BID Qualifier Participants
From: Cindy D’Errico, Jr. Coordinator

Please reference the event within AES at the following website A QR code will be available at site coordinator table to scan on phones that will take one directly to the event. The schedule has the playing site, courts and times listed. The facility will be open forty-five minutes before the first match. Please be prompt, the tournament will start on time. After the initial pool play rounds, the scheduled matches will start immediately after the conclusion of the previous match including the playoffs. Please note the following:

  • Age divisions for the event are 15’s, 16’s and 17’s.
  • Event guarantees only three matches or 6 sets for teams participating.
  • Pool play will be 2 out of 3 set matches. NO CAP on sets.
  • The fifteens pool play will switch sides between sets.
  • In the four team pools, the 3 vs 4 teams match is the last round of pool play and the 1 vs 2 teams match is the next to the last round in pool play so work teams are available for the semis.
  • Play will be at Pinnacle Athletic Campus on Saturday, April 30th. .Address for the facility is 7600 Pinnacle Road – Victor, New York 14564. Concessions will be available at the venue – no outside food allowed in facility.
  • An admission fee will be charged at Pinnacle $5.00, seniors over 65 $3.00 and free for kids under 12 years old. These are set by the facility, not the region.
  • The regular USA score sheet will be utilized for the event. Please make sure all pre and post-match information is filled out completely before the work team leaves the score table.
    • A SITE COORDINATOR is at the site – PLEASE report to the site coordinator first thing in the morning on day of competition. A final Sports Engine or AES roster will have to be submitted at check-in.
    • Please make sure that all work teams report on time – second referee, scorekeeper, flip scorer, libero tracker and two lines people. No extra team members are allowed at score table. As required in USA qualifier events, a rostered adult must serve as second referee.
  • Awards for first and second place teams.
  • All age groups will award a National, American and a Freedom bid.
  • For seventeens and sixteens division the first place team will earn the National bid, second place will earn the American bid and third place will earn the Freedom bid to USA Nationals. As a result, both age groups will require a third place match after the semi-finals. BOTH teams that advance to the finals will share the work team responsibility for the third place match.
  • VFX Chant earned a USA bid at the Windy City Qualifier. As a result, the fifteens will have four bids to USA Nationals. There will be a scheduled third place match before the finals. BOTH teams that advance to the finals will share the work team responsibility for the third place match. If Chant wins the WEVA bid event, they will be required to take the National bid since it is a higher division than USA. The remaining bids will be awarded based on finish in the event in the following order: USA, American and Freedom. If they do not win the event, Chant will keep the USA bid and the other three bids will be awarded based on finish in the event in the following order: National, American and Freedom.
  • USA Nationals are in Indianapolis, Indiana June 23rd – July 4th. The timeframe within that range is based on age division.
  • GOOD LUCK to all Participants. Have fun and enjoy the day!

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact your site coordinator or call me on my cell phone 585-261-1803. Thanks for your support! GOOD LUCK!