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Pool Play Schedule WEVA COVID Waiver and Attestation Form
Playoff Schedule Pinnacle Roster/Waiver
Tie Breaker Procedures  


Below is the detailed tournament protocol for WEVA tournament. It is a lengthy document, but we ask that you read through the entire document to insure we are all doing the right things to stay safe. WEVA has a responsibility to our site locations, governing bodies, guest clubs and to our club members to provide the safest and best opportunity for play.

WEVA COVID Waiver and Attestation Form should be filled out by EVERYONE who is attending the tournament (players, officials and spectators) and should be handed in during team check-in.

Coaches, please hand in the Pinnacle Roster/Waiver form during team check-in.

Spectators at Pinnacle and Main Street Armory:
The Armory has a current capacity of 2500 people in the building and WEVA will be the only ones using five courts at the facility. Pinnacle has a much higher capacity limit and we are only using two courts. As a result of the capacity limitations, WEVA does not project the event to exceed the limit at either facility by allowing all spectators to attend.

All spectators will be asked to turn in the WEVA COVID Waiver and Attestation Form when entering the facility. Extra copies will be available but to save time please bring signed forms with you to the venue.

Spectators at the Main Street Armory should stay upstairs unless getting concessions, using the restroom or your team is playing.

If spectators bring your own chairs for use, please be respectful of others watching later matches and take your chair with you when your team is not playing to make room for others.

MASK Wearing Guidelines:
WEVA will be following the guidance from the CDC, New York State and the Monroe and Wayne County Department of Health. WEVA is updating the Facility Mask Policy.

  1. Fully vaccinated individuals (spectators, coaches, officials, staff and players) will not be required to wear face masks at Pinnacle and Main Street Armory. This includes both common areas and court areas.
    • Full vaccination is two weeks past your final vaccination date.
  2. Non-vaccinated individuals (spectators, coaches, officials, staff and players) are required to wear a mask at all times in the facility, in all areas.
As our region has done since the beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to protect one another and act with honesty. Please adhere to the protocols for vaccinated/non-vaccinated individuals. The priority of WEVA continues to be providing a safe and fun environment for our athletes. Please do your part to keep our athletes safe!

For more information on the NYS Guidelines please see the information below:

COVID Safety Protocols during the Tournament:
Each team should bring their own balls to warm up with. Teams should not help the other team shag during warm-ups. The site will provide game balls. Teams will NOT be switching sides between sets and teams will NOT be shaking hands before or after the match.

The work team will be responsible for the following:
  • Cleaning the score table and game balls (this should happen first when the work team arrives at the court). Cleaning supplies will be provided courtside
  • Providing a scorekeeper. Score will be done on a tally sheet provided by the site. The score sheet will be located at the site coordinator’s table. The work team will be responsible to pick up a scoresheet before the match at the table. Score tracking will not be done in the traditional manner. Work team must provide writing utensils.
  • Providing a person to flip the score.
  • Providing a coach to down referee.
  • Returning the score sheet to the Site coordinator’s table after the match.

General Information:
  • A sports engine roster will be required to be turned in at check-in. Please make sure it is complete and that anyone on roster that is not attending is crossed off of the roster. Jersey numbers and complete coaching staff should be on the roster as well.
  • Live streaming is prohibited at Pinnacle Sports Complex. The facility will provide a live stream at a cost of $10.00. The link for the live stream will be available on the day of competition. It will be given to coaches and it should be posted on the WEVA Website, if given far enough ahead to do so. (
  • Pinnacle will be charging admission. $5.00 for spectators, $3.00 for seniors and children. This is not set by the region.
  • There is no outside food allowed at The Armory and Pinnacle Sports Complex.
  • Everyone competing in the tournament is required to fill out the WEVA ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY RELATING TO CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 and ATTESTATION Form. This document also requires a parent’s signature unless the participating individual is 18 years of age or older. This document is available on WEVA website as well and coaches will have extra copies.
  • As noted above, Pinnacle requires a special ROSTER/WAIVER form to be turned in at their facility. Coaches will be responsible to turn the form in at check-in.
  • Temperature checks will be taken for everyone at all facilities.

Good luck and have FUN!!