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Insurance Information
Insurance Program Summary
Summary of Sport Accident Insurance
Event Sanctioning and Insurance Coverage Clarification
Medical Claim Form

Practice / Tryout Sanction

To hold a practice or tryout in the region you must request a sanction. Please download either form below. After submitting you will be contacted by WEVA.

Tournament Director's Forms
Click on one of the links below to download a PDF.
Incident Report
How to Submit an Event Report
How to Submit a Financial Report
Certificate of Insurance Request
WEVA Coed Roster

Tournament Sanction
To hold a tournament in the region you must request a sanction. Please read the Pool Play Recommendations, the Adult Sanction Procedure and the Tournament Step by Step Procedure before you fill out the form below. After submitting this form, you will be contacted by WEVA. If you need to edit your tournament sanction request after it has been submitted, please read the Editing a Tournament Sanction Submission guide for information on how to do this.

Tournament Information
Tournament Name:
Tournament Host:
Tournament Start Date:  MM/DD/YYYY
Tournament End Date:  MM/DD/YYYY
Tournament Level: (Check all that apply)
Men's: Open AA A-AA A BB-A BB B-BB B Other
Women's: Open AA A-AA A BB-A BB B-BB B Other
Reverse: Open AA A-AA A BB-A BB B-BB B Other
Coed: Open AA A-AA A BB-A BB B-BB B Other

Applicant Information
First Name:      Last Name: 
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:

Person Responsible for Tournament (If Not Applicant)
First Name:      Last Name: 
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:

Site Information
Number of Sites:
Site Name:
Site Address:    City: 

Event Details
Expected # of Teams: Team Fees:
Expected # of Spectators: Spectator Fees:
Other Sources of Income:
Projected Expenses:
Projected Net Profit / Loss:
If event produces profit, to whom will it accrue, and for what purpose:
If event produces loss, how will the loss be covered, and by whom:
Requested deviations from WEVA Guidelines for event:

Certificate of Additionally Insured

Sometimes a facility requires that they or their employees be named as an additionally insured party on the certificate. This information is necessary for the processing of the insurance certificate.

Is a Certificate for Additionally Insured required? Yes No
If YES, what are the names of the Additionally Insured parties:

The insurance certificates will be mailed/forwarded to you from the WEVA Sanction Coordinator. Please allow enough time for the WEVA Sanction Coordinator to process your request with the insurance provider. You should allow a minimum of three weeks for processing, from the date an event is sanctioned, before the insurance provider will issue a certificate.

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