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Host Cities for 2020 GJNC, BJNC and Opens Announced*NEW*

USA Volleyball is proud to announce Dallas, Minneapolis and Reno, Nevada, as host cities for three of its signature national championships being held in 2020.
  • 2020 USA Volleyball Open National Championships (Opens): May 22-27 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2020 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships (GJNC): June 25-July 4 in Dallas, Texas
  • 2020 USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships (BJNC): June 27-July 4 in Reno, Nevada
Cities for the 2020 USA Volleyball Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships and the 2020 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships will be announced later this year.

For the full press release, click HERE.

5th Annual NYVCA Clinic*NEW*

Registration is open for the 5th Annual New York Volleyball Coaches Association (NYVCA) coaches clinic.

When: May 17-19, 2019
Where: Lake George Jr/Sr High School & The Georgian Lakeside Resort Hotel
Lake George, New York

Click HERE for registration and more information
Click HERE to email questions regarding the coaches clinic

WEVA Boys' High Performance Tryout

The second WEVA HP Boys’ region team tryout will be on Sunday, March 17, 2019. The tryout will be held from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Niagara Frontier Sports (425 Meyer Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224).

This tryout is exclusively for the WEVA Region Team that competes at the HP Championships, and will not bring the player into consideration for any High Performance National Programs (A1, A2, Developmental Camps).

To register for the second region tryout, go to this link:

WEVA Instructed IMPACT Clinics for 2018-2019 Season

Buffalo Area
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 | 5:30-9:30 p.m. | Buffalo Niagara Court Center
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 | 5:30-9:30 p.m. | Buffalo Niagara Court Center

Rochester Area
Monday, December 17, 2018 | 6:00-9:30 p.m. | Nazareth College Otto Schults Center

Please go to the Services/Impact page to sign up

Deadlines for Junior and Adult Championships Available

Girls 18 and 12-17 Junior National Qualifiers and Championship Deadline information is available HERE.

Girls 12-17 Junior National Championships schedule is available HERE.

Boys Junior National Bid Tournaments and Championship Deadline information is available HERE.

Adult Open Championships Deadline information is available HERE.

Free 2018-2019 Impact On-Demand Training

USAV Coaching Education is rolling out the new 2018-19 IMPACT On-Demand course on September 1st, at midnight (MT). It will be free for all current USAV members and $100 for nonmembers.

To register for the new IMPACT course at no charge, participants must have a current 2018-19 membership. If their membership expires on 10/31/18, they will not be able to register.

Link to Registration

Preliminary 2019 USA Volleyball Dates

From Kristy Cox, USA Volleyball Events Senior Manager:

Girls’ 18s will be held in Dallas, TX from April 26-28, 2019
Girls’ 11s-17s will be held in Indianapolis, IN from June 27 – July 6, 2019

Boys’ will be held in Dallas, TX from June 30-July 7, 2019

Open will b e held in Columbus, OH from May 24-29, 2019

NCVF will be held in Denver, CO from April 18-20, 2019

Girls’ National Qualifiers
2018 was the final year of USAV’ s partnership with Disney. USAV has decided to run the Qualifier internally in Orlando, FL beginning in 2019. The name of the Qualifier moving forward will be the Sunshine Volleyball Classic.

Boys’ Bid Tournaments
USA division was introduced by 6 out of the 8 boys bid tournaments in its inaugural year and has been well-received by the teams. A total of 24 bids have been allocated in the USA division in the 16s, 17s, and 18s age groups. This allocation process will continue to be reviewed for 2019 and further.

2018 Girls & Boys Junior National Championship Results

GIRLS (both American and National bids awarded this year for 13’s and up). If number of teams in division is 64 that represents the American Division and teams of 48 represents the National Division. 18’s in Anaheim, California and 11’s-17’s in Detroit, Michigan.

Team Name Record Place
11s NFVB 11 Navy 0-6 45 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 3B
12s VFX Wish 1-7 45 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 3B
13s NFVB 13 Navy 2-7 35 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 2A
13s VFX Mystic 3-6 43 out of 64 – lost in finals of Flight 5
14s NFVB 14 Navy 2-6 45 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 3B
14s NFVB 14 Red 3-7 57 out of 64 – won Flight 9
15s NFVB 15 Navy 4-4 29 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 1A
15s VFX Chant 1-8 55 out of 64 – lost in semis of Flight 8
16s NFVB 16 Navy 4-5 33 out of 48 – won Flight 2B
16s VFX Mantra 2-8 54 out of 64 – lost in finals of Flight 8
17s VFX Rapture 2-7 43 out of 48 – lost in semis of Flight 3A
17s Xtreme Xplosion 0-9 64 out of 64 – lost in semis of Flight 10
18s NFVB 18 Navy 1-5 37 out of 48 – lost semis of Flight 2B

BOYS – Phoenix, Arizona

Team Name Record Place
13 Club Pace 13-1 4-4 10 out of 22 – lost in semis of Silver
14 Open Pace 14-1 7-5 13 out of 34 – won Bronze
14 Open NFVB 14 Gold 2-9 33 out of 34 – lost in semis of Flight 2A
14 Open LVC 14 Black 4-6 31 out of 34 – lost in semis of Flight 2B
15 Open NFVB 15 Gold 4-7 11 out of 36 – lost in semis of Silver
15 Open Pace 15-1 5-6 10 out of 36 – lost in finals of Silver
16 Open NFVB 16 Gold 4-6 30 out of 40 – lost in finals of Flight 3
16 Open Pace 16-1 5-5 29 out of 40 – won Flight 3
16 USA LVC 16 Black 3-7 13 out of 24 - lost in quarters of Silver
17 Open Pace 17-1 6-4 21 out of 40 – won Flight 2B
17 Open LVC 17 Black 4-5 31 out of 40 – lost in semis of Flight 3
17 Open NFVB 17 Gold 3-7 33 out of 40 – won Flight 4A
18 Open Pace 18-1 3-7 19 out of 40 – lost in semis of Flight 1
18 Open NFVB 18 Gold 3-6 19 out of 40 – lost in semis of Flight 1

Congratulations to all teams that participated at Nationals and represented WEVA with pride and passion. WEVA, clubs and families are all proud of your season culminating with the opportunity to represent the region at the highest level of competition! To seniors, good luck in your future endeavors. To all underclassmen, continue to work hard and see you next season as you pursue your dreams and goals!

Message from USA Volleyball CEO, Jamie Davis

USA Volleyball has long made the safety of our members a priority. We were one of the first NGB’s to implement background screening (commencing in the 2004/2005 season) and we furthered our resolve in 2010 with the creation of a Special Commission on Athlete Safeguards. We have always strived to provide a safe environment for members to report any concerns and we have investigated and acted if necessary.

Today, I am announcing that we are taking a further step to formally identify safety as a core strategic priority of USA Volleyball. Below, you will see the new language that has been added (in red) and it is not by coincidence that it is listed first. I made this recommendation to our Board of Directors yesterday and within hours received full approval (which exhibits their common passion for this important matter). It is incumbent upon us all be vigilant and ensure our members are afforded a safe environment at USA Volleyball.

The vision of USA Volleyball is to be a world-class leading organization in all aspects of volleyball and to engage and inspire our nation through a cultivated passion for the game and continued success at winning Olympic and Paralympic medals.

The mission of USA Volleyball is to lead, serve and grow all areas of the sport of volleyball - including beach, indoor and sitting - achieving excellence while providing a lifetime of opportunities for all to participate in a safe and positive environment.

In order to accomplish this mission, USA Volleyball has established five strategic priorities:

Safety First: Provide the resources, policies, tools and procedures to ensure that safety is a top priority for all USA Volleyball members. Foster a safe environment for members to report concerns and take the necessary appropriate action to address all claims in a timely manner.
Sustained competitive International, Olympic and Paralympic Success: As the USOC-recognized NGB, provide the opportunities and support necessary for our athletes at all levels of international competition, in beach, indoor and sitting, to reach the podium.
Participation, Program and Membership Growth: Provide the opportunities and resources through available programs which develop and retain a steadily growing participation base and a membership that is increasingly diversified.
Resource Optimization: Have a strategic and fiscally prudent financial plan that includes both resource cultivation and judicious allocation in support of our overall goals.
Marketing and Brand Affinity: Increase brand awareness while expanding affinity for USA Volleyball.

Zachary Schneider Makes 2018 U.S. Boys’ Junior National Training Team

Congratulations to Zachary Schneider for making the 2018 U.S. Boys’ Junior National Training Team! The Boys’ Youth National Team will compete at the NORCECA U19 Continental Championship on June 6-10 in Costa Rica. The championship will be a qualifier for the 2019 FIVB U19 World Championship. The Boys’ Youth National Training Team will train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs on May 25-June 4. The roster will be cut to 12 before the team heads to Costa Rica.

For more information, please click HERE.

2018 WEVA Girls Bid Event 12-17 Results

This year is the third year that the WEVA region was awarded a BID at both the National division and the American division for ages levels 13-17 at USA Nationals in Detroit, Michigan. The competition was held April 28th and 29th at the BNCC facility in West Seneca. The families/spectators witnessed some awesome matches over the course of the two days from all participating teams! Some nail biter three sets matches that came down to the wire made it for some exciting volleyball!

Congratulations to the following teams for earning the National BID by placing first at the BID Qualifier:
17's - VFX Rapture
16's - NFVB 16 Navy
15's - NFVB 15 Navy
14's - NFVB 14 Navy
13's - NFVB 13 Navy
12's - VFX Wish

Congratulations to the following teams for earning the American BID by placing second at the BID Qualifier:
17's - Xtreme Xplosion
16's - VFX Mantra
15's - VFX Chant
14's - NFVB 14 Red
13's - VFX Mystic

WEVA is proud of all qualifying teams that had an opportunity to play in the BID event (not all teams are accepted). WEVA knows that all teams that will be participating at Nationals will play with heart and pride representing their club and region to the best of their ability. Good luck to all teams, have fun and enjoy the competition.

2018 WEVA Boys Regional Champions

Congratulations to all the boys teams that were crowned champions at the 2018 Boys Regional Championships. The competition was held March 25th at various locations in the Rochester area. The families/spectators witnessed some awesome matches over the course of the day from all participating teams! Some nail biter three sets matches that came down to the wire made it for some exciting volleyball!

Champions by age group are noted below:
12s - Pace Bootlegger 12-1
13s - Pace Bootlegger 13-1
14s - Pace Bootlegger 14-1
15s - Pace Bootlegger 15-1
16s - Pace Bootlegger 16-1
17s - Lockport 17-1
18s - Niagara Frontier 18-1

Good luck to all teams at the USA Boys Nationals!

WEVA Coaching Scholarship Announced

Thanks to a scholarship fund supplied by Western Empire Volleyball Association, WEVA is pleased to announce the second annual Coaching Scholarship Program. The program will provide scholarships to aspiring coaches hoping to attend established coaching clinics and/or the AVCA Annual Convention. This opportunity will allow the scholarship recipients to explore the limitless networking and educational opportunities available. This is a unique opportunity to develop professional skills and learn about becoming a better coach and leader.

The deadline for 2017-2018 season is January 31, 2018. For more information, please go to the WEVA Coaching Scholarship page.

Rostered Adult Required as 2nd Referee at Junior National and Qualifier Events

Effective for the 2017-2018 season, USA Volleyball will be requiring that a rostered adult must be provided as the second referee at the USA Junior Qualifiers and USA Junior National Championships.

As a result, WEVA will also require this at the Girl's WEVA Bid Qualifier events and the Boy's Pace Bootlegger Rochester Can-Am (a national qualifier) hosted in our region.

Please plan accordingly to have an adult on your roster that is certified as a second referee.

Concussion Training Available

WEVA highly encourages all coaches to complete the concussion training offered by Heads-up (click HERE). The on-line course is free. Once completed print the certificate of completion.

Just as a heads-up for the upcoming season, all coaches who will be coaching at a tournament in the Ohio Valley region will be required to show proof of completion for a concussion course.

USA will be looking into requiring a completion of such a course in the future.

Let's keep our athletes safe by requiring your coaches to have this training! With this being one of the hottest topics for athletes in the medical field today let's do what we can do to be prepared to handle any situation that involves this!.

2-Year Certification Now Offered for SafeSport

USA Volleyball is now offering the SafeSport training course, with a 2-year certification, via the USAV Academy. Please select HERE for more information.

Club Admin WebPoint Manual Available

USA Volleyball has provided a manual for Club Administrators on how to use WebPoint.

For more information, please click HERE

Coaches Panel Discussion from the Spring Collegiate Tournament

A collegiate coaches panel took place in conjunction with the Spring Collegiate Tournament hosted at BNCC. The collegiate coaches represented on the panel were from the following programs: Canisius College, Colgate University, Le Moyne College, Niagara University, SUNY Brockport, Syracuse University, & University of Buffalo. Please click HERE for a summary of the panel discussion.

It was a great event allowing players from the junior clubs in the area to watch some alumni club players and watch collegiate play for some programs that some of the athletes are considering or have committed to play at in the future. Some great volleyball was watched over the course of the day. Thanks to all WEVA members for their support shown for this event.

WEVA 12 and Under Serving Standards

The Junior Committee of the WEVA Board of Directors has established serving standards for 12 and under competition. Please click HERE for more information.

Opportunity for Clubs to Run Coaching Clinics

The Education Committee of the Western Empire Volleyball Association (WEVA) is interested in providing resources for coach education in order to enhance general knowledge of the game as well as elevate the skill level of the junior players in our region.

This message is to invite your organization to host a WEVA Coaching Clinic at your practice or competition facility to benefit your club coaches as well as those from area high schools and other volleyball clubs. The goal of this clinic series is to educate coaches regarding technique training, skill development, drill structure, practice planning, strategy and other volleyball related skills desired by coaches. The WEVA Education Committee would like to see at least one or two clinics each month leading up to and throughout the season. The WEVA Board of Directors has approved a budget line to assist in subsidizing some of the costs involved in hosting these clinics in order to help compensate visiting clinicians, facility rental fees or additional clinic expenses.

Please look over the this information (INFO) which includes some ideas and recommended formats. Clinic schedules and topics can be unique to each club’s needs. If you are interested in organizing such a clinic in your area, please contact Rocco Lucci to discuss options and possible timelines.

Adults Affiliated with Juniors MUST Get Safe Sport Certified

Starting in the 2016-2017 season, ALL registered adults, affiliated with a junior club, will be required to complete the Safe Sport Certification Course. The course, and more information regarding the course are found HERE.

New Housing Company for USA Volleyball Championship Events

Team Travel Source has been named the official housing company for all USA Volleyball Championship events in 2017. Please click HERE for more information.

WEVA Adds Corporate Attorney

August 2016: WEVA is pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Siragusa as it's corporate attorney. Please click HERE for her bio.

Updated WEVA By-Laws

W​EVA has updated the ​By-Laws. Please select HERE for more information.

Updated WEVA Tryout, Registration and Recruiting Policy

W​EVA has updated the ​Tryout, Registration and Recruiting Policy. Please select HERE for more information.

IMPORTANT: Libero Solid Color Uniform Rule Change

USA Volleyball passed a major rule change regarding the Libero and fast-tracked its implementation to immediate status during its Rules Commission Meeting on Feb. 25 in Denver.

A motion was made and passed to change the wording of USAV Rule 19.2 to read as: “The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.” A second motion was passed that made the implementation of the new rule immediate. The new rule replaces the "Solid Color Jersey" rule. Pati Rolf, chair of the USAV Rules Commission, stated that the new rule was approved in response to the concerns of the membership. "We strongly believe this rule change, which was strongly supported by the membership, will be less restrictive and more flexible,” Rolf said.

One key point in the discussions was to ensure that any team that currently had legal uniforms would still be able to use those uniforms. Paul Albright, USAV indoor rules interpreter, emphasized that training will start as soon as possible to get that message out to the membership. "Obviously we have a challenge to get the word out, but we already have people working to update our training materials, including the new jersey gallery on to explain the rule change,” Albright said.

USA Volleyball will also work to widely distribute the new rule to the clubs and tournament directors as the season is in progress. Any questions regarding the rules change can be directed to your local region referee chair, Fred Chase ( or to the USAV Rules Interpreter at

The mission of the Western Empire Volleyball Association is to promote and develop growth of the sport of volleyball in the counties it represents in Western New York from the grassroots levels to adult leagues. WEVA fosters learning the sport of volleyball by providing classes designed to teach the latest methods and strategies in coaching, as well as providing highly trained officials to referee tournaments and matches.

On-line registration is now available!

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