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February 10, 2017

To: 2017 WEVA Festival Participants

Please find enclosed the WEVA Festival schedule for all age divisions. The schedule has the playing site and times listed. The facility should be open an hour before the first match. Please be prompt the tournament will start on time. The times are estimated. After the initial pool play rounds, the scheduled matches will start immediately after the conclusion of the previous match including the playoffs. Please note the following:

  • Pool Play format are noted on each pool – the sets have NO CAP
  • Playoff matches will be best of three set match – 25 point sets/15 deciding set. NO CAP
  • The 12 and under division will follow the WEVA serving guidelines for the event. The boy’s teams will be pulled out from pool play to their own playoffs. The girl’s teams from Pool AA and BB will be placed into the playoffs based on their finish from the second round of pool play. No teams from Pool CC will advance to the playoffs. For example, teams from Pool AA would be the 1st Girls’ team, 2nd Girls’ team and 3rd Girls’ team (if no boys’ teams are in that pool) with the top finishing Girls’ team from Pool BB being the 4th Girls’ team advancing into the playoff bracket.
  • The 16’s and 18’s will have a scheduled forty-five minute lunch break after the conclusion of all courts in the 10:30 AM round for 16’s and the 11:20 AM round for 18’s.
  • Merchandise will be sold at the Pinnacle Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday
  • Team Picture Posters will be available for purchase on both days at all sites. See the attached detail information
    • A SITE COORDINATOR is at the site – PLEASE report to the site coordinator first thing in the morning on day of competition. A final webpoint roster will have to be submitted at check-in
    • Unless otherwise noted, all losing teams stay and work the next scheduled playoff match on the court. Please confirm with site coordinator before you leave that all your work assignments have been met
    • Please make sure that all work teams report on time – second referee, scorekeeper, libero tracker, flip scorer and two lines people
    • Please have your teams have the CERTIFIED individuals do score and second referee assignments for all work assignments unless your work team is in the process of being certified. Forms will be available to be certified the day of the event. Feel free to turn completed certifications in to the site coordinator. They will be given to the WEVA office for entry into the webpoint database. You will need to print a new roster once entered so the “Y"s are noted accurately for future events
  • Spectator Fee of $3.00 at Pinnacle Sports Complex – not set by WEVA, set by Pinnacle Sports Complex
  • Awards for first and second place in gold division and first place for silver
  • The 12’s and 13’s will be at SUNY Brockport on Saturday February 18th – Tuttle South Gymnasium – 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport, NY
  • The 14’s and 15’s on Saturday February 18th and 16’s and 18’s on Sunday February 19th will be at the Pinnacle Sports Complex – 748 Phillips Road, Victor, NY
  • The 17’s are on Sunday February 18th at Victor High School, 953 High Street, Victor, NY. A campus map has been included in your information
  • The tie breaker procedures in the packet will be utilized for all age groups EXCEPT the 16’s. After the first round of pool play all teams still have a chance to qualify for the gold division so no tie breaker set will be played after the first round. If a tie exists after the second set the tie breaker procedures will be followed but it will be a 15 point set due to time constraints
  • GOOD LUCK to all Participants. Have fun and enjoy the day!

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact your site coordinator or call me on my cell phone 585-261-1803.
Thanks for your support! GOOD LUCK!