John Hughes
WEVA Commissioner
58 Meadowlark Drive
Penfield NY 14526

Office Hours:
9am to 5pm
Monday thru Friday
(585) 259-6557

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2015-2016 WEVA Meritorious Awards Announced*NEW*

Alan Brazener, Brian Carroll, and Deborah Schruefer have been named the 2015-2016 WEVA Meritorious Service Award winners. If you see them, please pass along a well deserved congratulation to them on their recognition and their continued contribution as coaches, club directors, program directors and or as a volunteer! Our region has certainly grown due to their efforts and they have made an impact to the volleyball community over the years! Each of them will be receiving a plaque from the region as part of their recognition. For more information, please click HERE.

WEVA Girls Bid Qualifier Results*NEW*

This year is the first year that the WEVA region was awarded a BID at both the National division and the American division at USA Nationals in Indianapolis.

Congratulations to the following teams for earning the National BID by placing first at the BID Qualifier:
17's - NFVB Navy
16's - VFX Mantra
15's - NFVB Navy
14's - NFVB Navy
13's - NFVB Navy
12's - NFVB Navy

Congratulations to the following teams for earning the American BID by placing second at the BID Qualifier:
17's - VFX Rapture
16's - Paradigm Rebellion
15's - VFX Chant - did not accept - trickled down to third place finisher NFVB Red
14's - VFX Conjure
13's - NFVB Red
12's - no American bid for region in this age division

WEVA is proud of all qualifying teams that had an opportunity to play in the BID event (not all teams are accepted). WEVA knows that all teams that will be participating at Nationals will play with heart and pride representing their club and region to the best of their ability. Good luck to all teams, have fun and enjoy the competition.

Boys Regional Championships*NEW*

Congratulations to all the boys teams that were crowned champions at the 2016 Boys Regional Championships. The competition was held April 3rd at various locations in the Victor area. The families/spectators witnessed some awesome matches over the course of the day from all participating teams! Some nail biter three sets matches that came down to the wire made it for some exciting volleyball!

Champions by age group are noted below:
12's - Pace 12-1
13's - Pace 13-1
14's - Eden Mizuno Boys 14-1 Blue
15's - Pace 15-1
16's - Victor 16-1
17's - Pace 17-1
18's - Pace 18-1

Good luck to all teams for the remainder of their season and at the USA Boys Nationals!
WEVA Board

IMPORTANT: Libero Solid Color Uniform Rule Change*NEW*

USA Volleyball passed a major rule change regarding the Libero and fast-tracked its implementation to immediate status during its Rules Commission Meeting on Feb. 25 in Denver.

A motion was made and passed to change the wording of USAV Rule 19.2 to read as: “The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.” A second motion was passed that made the implementation of the new rule immediate. The new rule replaces the "Solid Color Jersey" rule. Pati Rolf, chair of the USAV Rules Commission, stated that the new rule was approved in response to the concerns of the membership. "We strongly believe this rule change, which was strongly supported by the membership, will be less restrictive and more flexible,” Rolf said.

One key point in the discussions was to ensure that any team that currently had legal uniforms would still be able to use those uniforms. Paul Albright, USAV indoor rules interpreter, emphasized that training will start as soon as possible to get that message out to the membership. "Obviously we have a challenge to get the word out, but we already have people working to update our training materials, including the new jersey gallery on to explain the rule change,” Albright said.

USA Volleyball will also work to widely distribute the new rule to the clubs and tournament directors as the season is in progress. Any questions regarding the rules change can be directed to your local region referee chair, Fred Chase ( or to the USAV Rules Interpreter at

WEVA Board of Director Elections in 2016*NEW*

WEVA is seeking interested persons to run in the 2016 WEVA Board of Directors election for the following positions: President, Junior Boy's Representative, Junior Girl's Representative, and Treasurer.

If elected, the candidate would serve a three year term. The WEVA Board of Directors, a 501-c-3 not profit, is committed to growing the sport of volleyball for all ages and abilities. To that end, the Board works with the Commissioner and WEVA staff to accomplish this vision. For more information on the responsibilities of each position please look at the WEVA By-Laws and the WEVA Handbook.

If you are interested, please send an email to both Vice-President, Fred Chase, at and Junior Coordinator, Cindy D'Errico, at A biography will be requested for use in the election process. If you would like to discuss it in more detail, please feel free to call Cindy at 585-261-1803 or Fred at 585-313-3039.

I hope you will consider nominating someone or yourself. The election will take place in April 2016.

All Adults Affiliated with a Junior Club Safe Sport Requirement

WEVA requires all registered Adults Affiliated with a Junior Club (Club Director, Coach, Team Rep, Chaperone), Board of Director members, and Officials to complete the Safe Sport training. The link to the course is HERE. It is estimated to take about 90 minutes to complete. Make sure you follow step #7 (If registering for the first time, be sure to “+Add Membership” and select USA Volleyball and enter your current USAV Membership Number. (NOTE: If you don’t have your Membership Number, you may enter “official, coach, chaperone or your role”) - See more at: HERE. If you do not, you may not get credit for taking the course. Please forward a copy of the course completion certificate to John Hughes in the WEVA office.

The course must be completed by April 1, 2016 otherwise you will be unable to continue in your position.

All clubs have a Club Safe Sport Coordinator. If that Coordinator has changed, please contact the Region Office to inform them of the new Coordinator.

WEVA 2015-2016 Season Points of Emphasis - Code of Conduct

This past season there were multiple occasions where club directors or tournament directors reported coaches, players or parent actions/behavior to be unacceptable. This occurred at both in and out of region events. As a result, the WEVA board discussed the concern and a decision was made to communicate points of emphasis to all club directors who in turn will address this with their coaching staff, players and at their team parent meetings. All registered adults signed forms electronically in regards to the WEVA Code of Conduct/Ethics.

WEVA has set higher expectations for this season and communicated to the referees the expectation for controlling the overall match behavior (Coaches, players, and parents).

WEVA prides itself with the service we provide to our members. Our role models are our coaches and parents so the behavior that we want our players to model should be the behavior our parents and coaches demonstrate. It starts with "US".

Officials: To all referees, particularly experienced and National-level referees, a concern has been raised by Club and Tournament Directors regarding how referees handle and address coaching behavior and misconduct in the team and bench area. BACKGROUND: In Rule 5, the Coach (Head Coach) is responsible for team behavior, along with the Team Captain, from when they arrive at the court until the match concludes. The Coach may address the R2 (or the R1 through their game captain) to request game interruptions (substitutions & time outs) and to verify positions of the players on the court, check the floor, equipment (net, ball, etc.). The Coach is allowed to address the R2 to ask about rule interpretations, the score and remaining T/O and subs but NOT about calls involving judgment (ball handling, touches, etc.). They can also address the R1 to ask questions of the same nature thru the Game Captain – Rule
[EXCEPTION – in 12U, 13U and 14U, the Coach may act in place of the game captain – USAV]

If a Coach interferes in the match beyond the responsibilities and duties outlined above, the first instance, minor misconduct requires a warning (through the Game Captain – Rule 21.1). Or, if appropriate, the R1 may assess a Yellow Card Warning. Then, continued interference or misconduct that is Rude or Offensive requires a sanction (Red Card/expulsion/DQ) depending on the nature and level of the misconduct. Subsequent rude or offensive misconduct by a Coach or team member is sanctioned progressively during the match– Rules 21.2 & 21.3.

Experienced and National-level Referees are expected to “set the example” by understanding the Region’s Coaches Conduct expectations and using the USAV tools to maintain proper conduct and sportsmanship at Region events. Using this 2015-16 WEVA Point of Emphasis effectively and consistently regarding proper conduct by Coaches will help to set the standards of “Preventive Officiating and Positive Coaching” and to model appropriate behavior.

Tournament Directors: ALL behavior instances should be reported in the tournament report that is submitted online followed by a phone call to the WEVA office. WEVA will monitor what is being reported and if situations occur where coaches and/or players are carded multiple times, the actions will be reported to the Ethics and Eligibility committee for their review.

Club Directors: In your coaches/parent meetings please discuss the following:
1) Coaches should bring point discrepancy to the attention of the second referee (being a junior player most of the time), who can bring the concern to the head referee in order to verify or talk to the work team about being diligent in regards to the score sheet and the visible score being in sync and accurate. Parents should refrain from yelling "point" "point".
2) Coaches should bring concerns about the work team to the second referee (being a junior player most of the time), who can bring the concern to the head referee to talk to the adult at the table of the work team and the individuals themselves about being attentive and diligent in their assignments. The referee should address directly, if they have multiple situations where they believe the player is not fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. Parents should not be making derogatory comments to the work team at any time. Referees will replace the individual if they deem necessary to do so.
3) Parents should have the head coach handle all match management situations. No parents should be involved at any time.
4) A head coach or an adult registered individual on the roster of the team must be at the work table for the duration of the match or serving as the second referee on the match. The referees will be very strict this season in making sure that this occurs. It makes is so much easier if an adult from the work team is present and held accountable for the job that their team is performing. Let's take our work assignments seriously. If you are the playing team you expect a great job from the work teams so when you are working do the job that you expect of others when you are playing. Take our roles and responsibilities seriously.

Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and think before we speak! Let's think about how we would want our sons/daughters to be treated or talked to and give our opponents that same courtesy.

Let's be the role models that we should be "for the kids".

2016 USA Volleyball Open National Championships Schedule

The 2016 USA Volleyball Open National Championships schedule is now available. For more information, click HERE.

2016 Girls USA Junior Championships Bid Allocation Information

The 2016 Girls USA Junior Championships Bid Allocation information is now available

Girls 12s
Bid Allocation
Bid Reallocation

Girls 13-18s
Bid Allocation
Bid Reallocation

2016 Girls USA Junior Championships Age Division Schedule

The 2016 Girls USA Junior Championships Age Division schedule is now available For more information, click HERE.

2016 Boys USA Junior Championships Age Division Schedule

The 2016 Boys USA Junior Championships Age Division schedule is now available For more information, click HERE.

WEVA at the Boys Junior National Championships

WEVA was well represented at the Boys Junior National Championships in Columbus, OH from June 28th to July 3rd. Congratulations to all teams!

18 Open
Pace Bootlegger 18-1 placed 28th out of 36 teams
Eden Mizuno 18-1 placed 30th out of 36 teams
18 Club
Southtowns 18-1 placed 28th out of 75 teams
17 Open
Victor 17-1 placed 10th out of 36 teams
Eden Mizuno 17-1 placed 16th out of 36 teams
17 Club
Pace Bootlegger 17-1 placed 36th out of 56 teams
16 Open
Pace Bootlegger 16-1 placed 4th out of 36 teams
Eden Mizuno 16-1 placed 15th out of 36 teams
Victor 16-1 placed 28th out of 36 teams
16 Club
Southtowns 16-1 placed 56th out of 66 teams
Victor 16-2 placed 58th out of 66 teams
15 Open
Pace Bootlegger 15-1 placed 12th out of 32 teams
Victor 15-1 placed 23rd out of 32 teams
Lockport 15-1 placed 27th out of 32 teams
14 Open
Pace Bootlegger 14-1 placed 18th out of 34 teams
Lockport 14-1 placed 30th out of 34 teams
Eden Mizuno 14-1 placed 32nd out of 34 teams
14 Club
Fairport 14-1 placed 26th out of 47 teams
Pace Bootlegger 14-2 placed 33rd out of 47 teams

For more information, go to the USA Volleyball site HERE.

WEVA at the Girls Junior National Championships

WEVA was well represented at the Girls Junior National Championships in New Orleans, LA from June 22nd to July 2nd. Congratulations to all teams!

18 National
Niagara Frontier 18-1 placed 27th out of 48 teams
17 USA
Niagara Frontier 17-1 placed 11th out of 24 teams
Paradigm 17-1 placed 24th out of 24 teams
17 National
Volley FX 17-1 placed 42nd out of 48 teams
16 National
Niagara Frontier 16-1 placed 18th out of 48 teams
15 National
Niagara Frontier 15-1 placed 44th out of 48 teams
14 National
Niagara Frontier 14-1 placed 15th out of 48 teams
13 National
Niagara Frontier 13-1 placed 22nd out of 48 teams
12 National
Niagara Frontier 12-1 placed 45th out of 48 teams

For more information, go to the USA Volleyball site HERE.

WEVA Annual Meeting July13, 2015

On Monday, July 13, 2015, WEVA will hold their Annual meeting from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Genesee Community College in Batavia NY. All WEVA members are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact Rocco Lucci, Jr.

WEVA Takes Second Place in The 2015 PVL Championships in Detroit, Michigan

Play Results:
Arizona Sizzle - Won – 25-19, 25-17, 25-19
Team IE – Won – 25-23, 25-10, 25-12
Dream Team NCVA - Won – 26-24, 25-17, 25-19
Gateway VC – Won – 25-13, 25-16, 25-16
Ohio Valley Sky – Won – 25-18, 25-23, 25-15
Team Iowa Ice - Won – 23-25, 25-20, 25-19, 25-21

Semi-Finals Gold Division:
Arizona Sizzle - Won - 19-25, 25-20, 25-20, 25-23

Finals Gold Division:
North Texas PVL - Lost – 20-25, 25-21, 9-25, 25-23, 15-17

All-Tournament Team::
Khat Bell
Deja McClendon

2015 Boy's Region Championships and Girl's BID Qualifier Results

The competition at the Boy's Regional Championships and the Girl's BID Qualifier event was awesome! The families and players enjoyed watching and playing at a high level. Some awesome volleyball was witnessed over the weekends!

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their respective age groups at the Girl's BID Qualifier and Boy's Regional Championships. By doing so, the teams earned their entry fee being paid for to the USA National events by the WEVA region.

Boy's Regional Championships:
Eden Mizuno 18-1
Eden Mizuno 17-1
Eden Mizuno 16-1
Victor Mizuno 15-1
Pace Bootlegger 14-1
Pace Bootlegger 13-1
Eden Mizuno 12-1

Girl's BID Qualifier:
Niagara Frontier 18-1
Volley FX 17-1
Niagara Frontier 16-1
Niagara Frontier 15-1
Niagara Frontier 14-1
Niagara Frontier 13-1
Niagara Frontier 12-1

Due to Niagara Frontier 17-1 securing a bid from the Disney qualifier by placing first in the USA division they will be participating in the USA Nationals in the USA division. Volley FX 17-1 secured a bid from the Northern Lights qualifier by placing third in the USA division. Volley FX 17-1 will be participating in the USA Nationals in the National division as a result of winning at the BID Qualifier. Paradigm 17-1 will receive the trickle down bid from Volley FX 17-1 earned USA division bid since it stays in the region and Paradigm 17-1 defeated Niagara Frontier 17-2 team for third place finish at the BID Qualifier.

WEVA is proud of all the teams that qualified to compete in the USA National events for girls in New Orleans, Louisiana and boys in Columbus Ohio. WEVA knows you will represent our region with pride! All participating teams at USA Nationals will be giving out key chains, as gifts from the WEVA region, to all teams that they will be playing against during the event. Thanks for WEVA for your continued support of junior volleyball in the region!


Eastside Ice Summer Skills Camp

Eastside Ice is hosting a Summer Skills Camp on July 9-10, 2015. For more information, please select HERE.

USAV Medical Professional Liability Program

USA Volleyball offers medical professionals liability insurance if they work or volunteer at sanctioned USA Volleyball events. For more information, please click HERE.

Due Process and Appeals Policy Updated

The WEVA Board of Directors has approved an updated Due Process and Appeals policy. Please click HERE to review the updated policy.

Tryout Registration and Recruiting Policy Updated

The WEVA Board of Directors has approved an updated Tryout Registration and Recruiting policy. Please click HERE to review the updated policy.

2013-2014 WEVA Meritorious Service Award Winners

Richard Buchanan, Cindy D'Errico, Tom Schneider, Lindsey Schlegel, and Mark Thomey have been named the 2013-2014 WEVA Meritorious Service Award winners. they have shown exemplary dedication to the region. For more information, please click HERE.

Patriot Division of 2015 Girls’ Junior National Championships

Registration for the Patriot Division of the 2015 Girls’ Junior National Championships will open on January 7th at 12:01am EST through Advanced Event Systems (AES). The Patriot division is a non-qualifying division available first come first served based on date and time stamp of registration in AES. For more information, please visit or send an email to

2015 Open National Championships Dates and Deadlines

Click HERE for the dates for Open National Championships to be held in Detroit, MI in 2015. Click HERE for the deadline dates for Open National Championships to be held in Detroit, MI in 2015.

Rob Page Playing Professionally in Italy

Rob Page
Former WEVA member and UCLA graduate, Rob Page, is playing professional volleyball in Italy with Copra Elior Piacenza. Copra finished the 2013-2014 season in 2nd place in Italy's top division. This league is reputed to be the best professional volleyball league in Europe. Rob will be playing the role of right-side hitter.

For more information about the team, please go to

Solid Color Jersey Rule Clarification

In an effort to alleviate some confusion over the solid colored jersey rule that went into effect on September 1, and to ease the transition to the new rule, the Rules Commission has agreed to the following modified interpretations for the coming season. Please select HERE for the modified interpretations.

2015 Boys' and Girls' Junior National Championships Deadline Dates

Click HERE for the deadline dates for Boys’ Junior National Championships to be held in Columbus, OH in 2015.

Click HERE for the deadline dates for Girls’ Junior National Championships to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2015.

2015 Boys' Junior National Championships Dates

Click HERE for the age division date breakdown for the Boys’ Junior National Championships to be held in Columbus, OH in 2015.

2015 Girls' Junior National Championships Dates

Click HERE for the age division date breakdown for the Girls’ Junior National Championships to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2015.

Testimonials for the WEVA PVL Players & Coaches Clinic

The WEVA PVL Player & Coaches Clinic, held on July 14th (Buffalo) & 15th (Rochester) was a success and received numerous testimonials. To review these testimonials, please select HERE.

Important Junior Highlights from the WEVA Annual Meeting

The minutes from the junior year end meeting will be posted to the WEVA website. Please refer to the minutes for everything that was discussed. The important highlights are below.
  1. WEVA Code of Conduct - WEVA Code of Conduct (COC) has been revised and information from COC was used in the new Tryout, Registration, and Recruiting document
  2. New Tryout, Registration and Recruiting Document - This has some recruiting information from the WEVA Code of Conduct and modified for the 2014-2015 season. This document should be reviewed at your kick off meetings and information meetings for parents/players once teams are formed so all are educated with this important information. All athletes that are trying out for multiple clubs MUST register as undecided. Once they accept a spot on a clubs team that club will be advising John Hughes and he will be changing from undecided to the club of choice. Additionally, if anyone would like to report any violations in the recruiting process, they are to report it in writing to the WEVA Vice-President (Eligibility Chairperson). The research will be completed by an ethics and eligibility committee comprised of adults chosen by the VP from the region that has no affiliation to any junior clubs within WEVA. This will keep any reports anonymous. Will be posted to the WEVA website and attached.
  3. Revised Girls Ranking Document - Tournament strengths have been reviewed and adjusted. This is an on-going process
  4. An email will be forthcoming for feedback on a proposal for girls 14 and under teams in the region to compete in the same two mandatory WEVA sanctioned events during the 2014-2015 season.
  5. The Girls BID Qualifier event will have a new cut off date for tournaments used as acceptance into the tournament so that the communication can be completed two weeks before the event. Clubs having bubble teams requested additional time to communicate acceptance into event. We are still working on the date for the event - 4/11-12 OR 5/2-3. With those dates the last tournament that will be used will be the weekend of 3/28 for April event and weekend of 4/11 for May event. The seeding will not occur until the week before the event as it is today.
  6. Any suggestions for educational opportunities for players and/or coaches for the upcoming season please advise. Education committee will be working on a seminar/clinic schedule for the 2015 season. Testimonials from this summers clinic will be posted very soon. The Clinic was very successful.

WEVA is Now Accepting Tournament Sanction Requests for the 2014-2015 Season

Acceptance of on-line submissions for TRADITIONAL 2-day events will start on 8/1 and be approved immediately
  • Pace Bootlegger Can-Am Boys - January 17-18
  • Niagara Frontier Can-Am Girls - January 10-11 or 17-18
  • VolleyFX Hocus Pocus Girls - January 24-25
  • Finger Lakes Wildcats Girls - February
  • WEVA Festival Girls - February 21-22
  • VolleyFX Winter Challenge Girls - February 18-March 1
  • WEVA Championships Boys - March 22
  • WEVA Qualifier Girls - May 2-3 (could be April)
  • Niagara Frontier Girls - May 9-10 and 16-17
Acceptance of on-line submissions for non-traditional 2-day and 1-day events will start on 8/1 and approvals to be completed by 9/19
  • WEVA Rally I - February 8
  • WEVA Digfest - March 14-15
  • WEVA Rally II - April 19
  • WEVA Rally III - April 26

WEVA TEAMS Represent the Region Well with NFVB 15-1 WINNING the National Division

Congratulations to the NFVB 15-1 team for making history this year winning the 15 National Division of USA Nationals. This is the first team from WEVA to ever win a division at Nationals. Over the course of the event the team was the only team to go undefeated as well. Great job! WEVA is very proud of your accomplishment. See the entire story by using the following link to the NFVB website.

GIRLS (unless noted all teams participated in the National Division)
Age Team Record Place
12s VFX Wish 2-7 39 out of 48 - lost in semi finals of Flight 5
13's Octane 13's 4-6 22 out of 48 - lost in finals of Flight 1
14's VFX Conjure 3-6 23 out of 48 - lost in semi finals of Flight 1
15's NFVB 15-1 11-0 WON the GOLD Division
16's NFVB 16-1 7-3 26 out of 48 - lost in finals of Flight 2
16's VFX Mantra 8-1 5 out of 69 - lost in quarter finals of Gold for Patriot Division
17's NFVB 17-1 4-5 13 out of 48 - lost in quarter finals of Silver
18's VFX Magic 7-3 21 out of 48 - Won Flight 1

Age Team Record Place
14 Open Pace 4-7 25 out of 36 - lost in quarter finals of Flight 1
14 Open Lockport VBC 1-9 31 out of 36 - lost in semi finals of Flight 2
15 Open Pace 9-1 3 out of 34 - lost in semi finals of Gold
15 Open Eden 6-5 17 out of 34 - lost in quarter finals of Bronze
15 Open Victor 5-7 22 out of 34 - lost in semi finals of Flight 1
16 Open Victor 6-3 5 out of 36 - lost in quarter finals of Gold
16 Open Eden 6-6 15 out of 36 - lost in semi finals of Bronze
16 Open Pace 3-6 25 out of 36 - lost in quarter finals of Flight 1
17 Open Pace 8-2 4 out of 36 - lost in semi finals of Gold
17 Open Eden 4-6 31 out of 36 - lost in semi finals of Flight 2
17 Open Southtowns 1-10 33 out of 36 - lost in quarter finals of Flight 2
17 Open Victor 1 -8 33 out of 36 - lost in quarter finals of Flight 2
18 Open Pace 5-5 23 out of 36 - lost in semi finals of Flight 1

Congratulations to all teams that participated at Nationals and represented WEVA with pride and passion. WEVA, clubs and families are all proud of your season culminating with the opportunity to represent the region at the highest level of competition! To seniors good luck in your future endeavors. To all underclassmen, continue to work hard and see you next season as you pursue your dreams and goals!

WEVA Wins the 2014 Women's PVL in Phoenix, AZ

WEVA Pool Play Results
Arizona Sizzle - Won - 25-21, 26-24, 25-10
Badger Blizzards - Won - 21-25, 25-21, 25-16, 25-10
Dream Team NCVA - Won - 25-22, 25-23, 25-15
Team Evergreen - Won - 22-25, 25-22, 25-18, 25-17
NE Midnight Riders - Won - 25-12, 25-14, 25-20
Team Iowa Ice - Won - 25-11, 19-25, 25-18, 14-25, 15-8

Semi-Finals Gold Division
Carolina Flight - Won - 18-25, 25-21, 22-25, 25-23, 15-11

Finals Gold Division
Florida Wave - Won - 25-20, 27-25, 25-18

WEVA Boy's Regionals and Girl's Bid Qualifier Champions

Congratulations to all the champions at the WEVA Boy's Regionals and the Girls Bid Qualifier events. The level of competition throughout the events was exciting. Some great volleyball matches were witnessed by everyone in attendance. WEVA wishes all teams participating in USA Nationals the best of luck! The region knows you will represent WEVA with pride!

18's - Pace 18
17's - Pace 17
16's - Eden 16
15's - Victor 15
14's - Pace 14 Black
12's - Pace 12

18's - VFX Magic
17's - NFVB 17-1
16's - NFVB 16-1
15's - NFVB 15-1
14's - VFX Conjure
13's - Octane 13
12's - VFX Wish

WEVA Sponsored Coaches Clinic

WEVA is excited to announce the 2014 Coaches Clinics on July 14th at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center and July 15th at the Rochester Main Street Armory. The coaching staff for the clinic includes members of the Western Empire Premier Volleyball League team. Click here to see bios of the staff, detail plans along with the registration requirements.

WEVA Sponsored Junior Girl's Player Clinic

WEVA is excited to announce the 2014 Players Clinics on July 14th at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center and July 15th at the Rochester Main Street Armory. The coaching staff for the clinic includes members of the Western Empire Premier Volleyball League team. Click here to see bios of the staff, detail plans along with the registration requirements.

WEVA Announces 2014 Women's Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Team

WEVA is excited to field a women's team at the 2014 PVL Championships in Phoenix Arizona over Memorial Day weekend. This is the third year that WEVA has fielded a team. Click here to view the team roster along with the players individual bios along with our generous PVL sponsors.

WEVA Service for College Recruiters

As a service to college coaches as well as the potential collegiate student athletes playing in the Western Empire Region, we have assembled the names of Junior and Senior class players participating on club teams within our region. Click here to view this information.

USAV Rule Changes for 2013-2015

The USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations for this season are now available and there are several significant rule and interpretation changes you need to know about. Click here to view a summary of these changes.

Referee Recertification

For our WEVA Referees, there are two ways to get re-certified: 1) At no cost, you can go online through your Webpoint member, select "Event Management", select "My Region Events", and select one of the "WEVA Referee Re-certification Clinic" (Provisional or Regional) depending on your rating. 2) Attend a re-certification clinic. Clinics are listed HERE.

USA Volleyball Launches SafeSport Microsite

USA Volleyball has launched a micro website for its SafeSport Program, which is devoted to the overall safety of participants. The site can be found here.

As part of the SafeSport Program’s mission, USA Volleyball is a committed leader in providing a safe and fun environment for youth, adults, officials, spectators and event staff. USA Volleyball, which has a zero tolerance for abuse and misconduct, places a paramount importance on the safety of its participants on and off the courts.

“USA Volleyball is excited to take this next step in launching its SafeSport program”, said USA Volleyball Senior Director Margie Mara. “We appreciate the enthusiasm of our regional leadership and Board of Directors who have embraced the importance of this program. Many thanks to the USOC and other National Governing Bodies who helped guide us in the program’s creation.”

As part of the SafeSport Program, USA Volleyball has developed a SafeSport Handbook intended to be a central location for all of the policies and procedures that are designed to protect its youth participants from all types of misconduct and abuse. It also includes information and education for adults on how to be proactive, to recognize areas of concern and signs of abuse. The SafeSport Handbook includes the various policies that apply to all USA Volleyball member programs and address the following areas: sexual abuse; physical abuse; emotional abuse; bullying, threats and harassment; and hazing.

As its guiding principles, USA Volleyball is committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for its participants’ physical, emotional and social development; believes that all non-athlete members share a collective responsibility to protect our membership; will make training available for all members to increase awareness and understanding of athlete protection policies and best practices.

The SafeSport program includes training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes. The components are: 1) Policies and guidelines; 2) Education and awareness training; 3) Background screening of adult staff; 4) Reporting and responding to abuse; 5) Monitoring and supervision; 6) Grassroots engagement and feedback.

Effective with the 2013-2014 Season

The annual WEVA board meeting was held July 15th at Genesee Community College. Based on that meeting, I would like to share the following news:
  1. WEVA Impact Certification Clinics and USA online IMPACT certification costs will be covered by the region. Efforts to attend the WEVA sponsored clinics is encouraged to allow coaches to engage in discussion on topics covered. USA will continue to offer some free online sessions to WEVA. The online option is limited and must be coordinated/approved by the executive director prior to signing up. The executive director will assign the onlines to club coaches based on geographical location of clubs, availability of individuals to attend the WEVA clinics etc. Online option will not be an option for all (only free ones allocated by USA will be distributed).
  2. WEVA has assigned Lindsey Schlegel as the junior education committee chair. Additional volunteers to the committee are Michelle Britt from Fairport VBC, Jim Mercer from Impact VBC/Genesee Community College and Candi Werkmeister from VFX. Kyle Salisbury will still be part of the committee as the IMPACT coordinator along with Johnathan Head servicing the Buffalo area for IMPACT. Based on prior feedback from an earlier e-mail to club directors some topics they will be considering/evaluating to offer are the following:
    • First Aid, CPR, AED (solicit dates from local Red Cross etc. organizations that can be attended or offer one within the region) - All high school, college coaches this is a requirement. Should be on all coaches wish list for safety reasons.
    • Concussion Training - we posted this past year an online training offering that most high schools require of their coaches - we can continue this
    • Abuse recognition/reporting
    • Goal Setting
    • Practice Organization
    • Youth Volleyball Development - clinics
    • Beach/Sand Volleyball development - clinics
    • Parent Involvement
    • Drill development
    • Strength/agility training
    They will consider offering an annual/bi-annual conference - our own mini WEVA volleyball convention. A two or one day multi session event with classroom and court sessions or multiple mini sessions scheduled throughout the year. WEVA did a coaching, youth player clinic with great success at Nazareth, in conjunction with the men's final four event, a few years ago and it went over very well. Just have to determine the best time of year to offer them and then do it on a regular basis. They will be developing marketing plan to high school coaches, area college coaches and club coaches. Any additional suggestions or interest in joining the endeavor please let me know and I will share with the committee. The approved budget for education in the region is $6,000 for coaches and $1000 for players for the upcoming season.
  3. FAQ's on the ranking system posted to the WEVA website
  4. Junior Tournament Guideline posted to the WEVA website for clubs interested in hosting a tournament. It will be a helpful guide on how to proceed.
  5. All junior player online WEVA registrations will be required to pay online with a credit card for this upcoming season. If a junior player's family does not have a credit card they can contact Executive Director John Hughes to assist in registering. The players will be required to print their registration card from the website after they complete the registration and take it to tryouts with them. They can still register as undecided or with club of preference as they have done in the past. Once they commit to a team/club John Hughes can change the affiliation if necessary. This will assist with the number of unpaid members each year as well as any confusion across clubs as to who paid the fee to WEVA. So tryout fees should not include the WEVA registration fee in the future. More details to follow once launched on the website.
  6. WEVA junior player registration fees will increase to $62.00 from the $60.00 this past season. The increase is directly related to an increase in the insurance costs for USA volleyball. The insurance liability increase was from $1.05 to $1.60 for each player and the insurance sport accident increase was from $1.80 to $2.40. Please plan your communication accordingly for the upcoming season.
  7. WEVA will have a facebook and twitter account that will be activated August 1st. All posts will be reviewed by the administrator before posted to monitor the content of the posts by players, coaches, supporters and/or parents.
  8. 2013 Election results: Rocco Lucci - President, William Paige - Treasurer, Girl's Rep - CJ Denk, Boy's Rep Tom Schneider. A subcommittee is being formed to evaluate the election process. If you are interested in serving please contact Fred Chase via e-mail at
  9. High performance for boy's will be supported in 2013-2014 season. The new boy's rep Tom Schneider and junior coordinator will continue the hard work of past boy's rep Tom Weislo to see it to fruition. An overall plan is being developed and will be announced in the beginning of the season. Thanks to Tom for all his research and foundation that has been laid to make this a reality.
  10. WEVA overall membership increase this year was from 2443 members in 2012 to 2914 in 2013. Thanks to all clubs for the dedication to the sport of volleyball and the support of the WEVA region. This would not of been possible without all of your support!
  11. Remember for the upcoming season market the Gary Adler Scholarship to seniors in your club. With a little bit of effort girl's and boy's players have a chance at earning $500.00. The money would be sent directly to their college of choice.
  12. As part of the budgeted WEVA promotion and marketing, WEVA will be researching support to teams attending Nationals for the optional gifts that are handed out to opponents prior to playing them. All participants look forward to the gifts handed out from other teams. It will be an opportunity to market our region and support our teams attending USA Nationals.
  13. The WEVA board approved the following change for junior boys. The requirement to host or co-sponsor a WEVA sanctioned event by all boy's clubs in existence for more than one year will no longer exist. The board and boy's club directors felt that with the increase in boy's clubs and the number of tournaments available within WEVA each season that there is no longer a need for all clubs to host or co-host an event. The requirement of players/teams to play in two WEVA sanctioned tournaments before the boy's regional (to play in it) will still be enforced. The players must of played in two tournaments with the team that they are playing with at regionals.
Looking forward to the 2013-2014 season. Questions in regards to any items above please let me know via e-mail OR by cell phone (585) 261-1803.

Cindy D'Errico
Junior Coordinator
Junior Program Director

Sport Accident Excess Medical Coverage

The USA Volleyball master insurance policy provides excess medical coverage for injuries sustained while participating in an approved or sanctioned volleyball event. This document explains the details of this coverage and how it applies.

Updated Heads Up Online Training for Coaches Now Available!

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We are excited to unveil an upgraded version of the “Heads Up” Online Training Course for Youth Sports Coaches and Parents!

It is hugely important we provide the latest and best information possible to you on concussion in sports. We listened to your feedback and took action.

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The “Heads Up” Online Training Now Offers:
  • A faster server to stream videos
  • Mobile and tablet platforms accessibility
  • An updated certificate for 2013
You can also find us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with the latest “Heads Up” activities in support of Brain Injury Awareness Month!

The mission of the Western Empire Volleyball Association is to promote and develop growth of the sport of volleyball in the counties it represents in Western New York from the grassroots levels to adult leagues. WEVA fosters learning the sport of volleyball by providing classes designed to teach the latest methods and strategies in coaching, as well as providing highly trained officials to referee tournaments and matches.

On-line registration is now available!

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